Grow your agency by empowering caregivers

Perry is the only caregiver incentive program that rewards quality-care, retention and recruiting

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Trusted by leading care providers

Aligned Incentives. Instant ROI


Turnover Cost Saved

Build caregiver loyalty with instant, gamified rewards; gather 50+ data points to get ahead of quiet quitting via Perry's AI burnout bot


Billable Hours Increase

Incentivize taking on open shifts, while reducing last minute callouts; build optimized schedules that fits your caregivers


Hires from Referrals

Your best hires come from referrals. Perry connects to Facebook and encourages applicants and referrers every step along the funnel

Perry Engage

Earn points while working

Supercharge caregivers with a gamified platform that increases productivity, quality of care, and retention

Perry Rewards

Get gifts for good work

Automatically reward caregivers with gifts from their favorite spots - they'll stick around longer, we know it

Perry Recruit

Transform every caregiver into a recruiter

Perry converts referrals into actions that are rewarded every step of the way

Perry Analytics

Data-Driven Insights

Send SMS surveys to your caregivers to gauge workforce sentiment in real-time

Don't take our word for it

When you unpack what Perry is to new hires, you can see their eyes light up! I've seen way more applicants now because of Perry.

Recruiter with Visiting Angels

If you could ask for an extra shift, Perry throws in some points - I love it. Most of the agencies don't even know who you are.

CNA with Right at Home

The caregivers are especially incentivized to show up on time. It's a really great incentive.

Owner of Multistate Agency

I've worked with a lot of companies and this is, by far, the best incentive that any company could offer.

CNA with Right at Home

Perry is truly a first-in-class, best-in-class product! It was hard to find a recognition program that truly aligns incentives like Perry.

Owner of Franchise

It is so easy to get started! I tend to procrastinate, but Perry really incentivizes me to submit my credentials on time and stay compliant.

CNA with Right at Home

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